Vic Vaughan Toyota of Boerne Wins San Antonio Business Journal’s Best Places to Work 2022 in the Large Business Category

BOERNE, TEXAS— Vaughan Automotive, a family legacy business with dealerships in Houston and Boerne, today said it is focused on making more women aware of the outstanding career opportunities and benefits available to them in the automotive industry and strengthening the female presence in a business segment that historically has been predominantly male.

“The automotive industry provides engaging, rewarding careers for women that provide far-reaching opportunities, and I am living proof of that,” said Vaughan Automotive Director of Hiring and Retention Carolyn Liotta. “My vision is to use my position as a platform for reaching out to females and influencing them to join an industry in which their horizons are practically unlimited.”

“Carolyn’s vision to lead our effort to connect with women and bring them on board to grow with us is the right thing for our company and our customers, whether at Vaughan Automotive, Vic Vaughan Toyota of Boerne, or Mike Calvert Toyota in Houston,” said Vaughan Automotive Dealer Principal, Executive Manager and CEO Shawn Vaughan. “Women are integral to the success of our business; in fact, research shows that they drive 70-80% of automotive sales decisions industrywide. Bringing more women on in key positions throughout the dealership, from sales to service, makes good business development sense.”

Liotta has worked in the automotive industry for 30 years — since 1992, when she was a newly minted college graduate entering the job market. At the time, her brother owned several automotive dealerships and offered her a position in sales at one of them. When she began this job, Liotta faced down several myths about the automotive industry:

  • Myth #1: You must be a car enthusiast to sell motor vehicles. Liotta knew nothing about cars, but she would receive extensive training from both the manufacturer and the dealership, giving her the knowledge base and confidence needed to sell cars and trucks.
  • Myth #2: The predominantly male sales team might not accept her or treat her fairly. By demonstrating she was serious about her work and a true contender, she quickly earned her male counterparts’ respect and developed a close camaraderie.
  • Myth #3: An automotive salesperson’s work hours interfere with a good family life. Liotta was a single mother raising two daughters. Although her first year was challenging and required sacrifices, the financial success she achieved made them palatable. Determined to succeed, she not only hit her benchmarks but also set a strong example for her daughters, demonstrating they could pursue any career they desired, work hard and succeed.

For the past three decades, she has held various positions in automotive sales and finance, including stints as a sales manager and a customer relations manager. Over the past 10 years, she has had the privilege of working alongside Vaughan Automotive principals Vic and Shawn Vaughan, whose support and encouragement have bolstered her and treated her like family. In her current position, which she has held for three years, Liotta manages Vaughan Automotive’s entire staff, from new hires to long-term employees. She believes she is ideally positioned for outreach and active recruitment of women into the industry.

In addition to stepping up her own efforts to hire and mentor women within the Vaughan family of dealerships, Liotta plans to reach out to guidance counselors at the Houston and Boerne Independent School Districts, hoping to speak directly to high school girls, share her own experiences in the industry, explain why they should consider its career potential, and work with them on career development and advancement topics.

“If you want to be treated like a professional, you have to act like one,” says Liotta. “That’s the best career advice I’ve ever received and the best I can offer to others. Whatever your craft, strive to be the very best at it. That demands determination, discipline and commitment.”

For women entering the workforce, she adds, “Always know your options! Jobs are easy to get, but careers must be developed. Why not go into the automotive field? It offers so many great career paths for women to pursue — finance, accounting, sales, management, human resources. The list goes on and on!”

As part of the leadership team at Vaughan Automotive, Liotta is respected by her coworkers and has a job she loves, where her voice matters and she is appreciated. Throughout her career, she has mentored many, women and men, who needed advice and encouragement. Her message is the same to everyone: “The road to success is paved with determination, discipline and commitment. Are you willing to put in the work required to be the best?”

Vic Vaughan Toyota of Boerne is a 2022 recipient of four of Toyota’s most prestigious Dealership Recognition Program awards — the Toyota President’s Cabinet Award, The Toyota President’s Award for CustomerFirst, and the Toyota Board of Governors Award. Additionally, the dealership was named a Toyota CustomerFirst Advisory Board Award recipient and a San Antonio Business Journal Best Place to Work in the Large Business Category winner.

The key to these achievements, Vaughan said, is treating every employee as a family member and investing in their individual success. The Vaughan family spares no expense in training team members, realizing that to be the best in the business, they must make sure every employee remains sharp, skilled and informed, evolving with technology and the industry. Vaughan leads the automotive industry in pay and benefits, including health, dental and vision coverage; a 401(k); and paid factory training. Employee retention is a major focus. Vaughan offers tremendous opportunities for career development and provides employees the tools they need to grow.

“I will always look back on my career and take pride in knowing I took the path less traveled by women,” Liotta said. “I have tried to influence, hire and mentor women who will enjoy the same opportunities, growth and financial success I have enjoyed in my automotive career. I am where I am today because people believed in me and gave me opportunities. I want paying that forward to be my legacy.”

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